Games trailers

Check Iron Master: Legendary Blacksmith Trailer

Check this upcoming game Iron Master: Legendary Blacksmith Debut Trailer, very interesting managenment skills you need to develop for this,

Let's hope for a date soon





Lord of the Rings: Conquest Trailer

Lord of the Rings: Conquest trailer looks and feel different but who knows , you might just like it




Blood of Bahamut, FFCC: Echoes of Time, Dragon Quest IX Trailers

Three trailers to spice up a bit your night before heading out to wherever...


Blood of Bahamut



Japan DSi Shop Trailer

Check whats on for DSi shop in Japan this 24 December in this trailer.

The trailer show how the shop works and available download content when it lunch Christmas Eve in Japan.




Blue Dragon Plus Trailer

Check out the new Bue Dragon Plus trailer whiile waiting for march 2009

when it hit stores.

You can also check the dedicated blue dragon website for more informations

and goodies.


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