Kid Icarus: Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising Medusa Trailer

Let's take a look at one more cool video from the upcoming title Kid Icarus: Uprising.

 Kid Icarus: Uprising Medusa Trailer

Check video below!.

Fire Emblem, Rune Factory 4, Mario Tennis Open, Kid Icarus Trailers

Today Nintendo released few trailers, let's take a look at them starting with debut trailers of Fire Emblem Awakening, Rune Factory 4 and Mario Tennis Open, then take a look at some more gameplay and multiplayer videos from Kid Icarus: Uprising, all just for Nintendo 3DS.

Fire Emblem, Rune Factory 4, Mario Tennis Open, Kid Icarus Trailers 

Check videos below.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Sacred Treasures Trailer

Nintendo released a new video for  their upcoming 3DS action adventure title Kid Icarus: Uprising titled  sacred treasures.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Sacred Treasures Trailer
The game is due next month, Check video below.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay

A new video released showcasing gameplay from the upcoming action 3DS title Kid Icarus: Uprising.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Gameplay Trailer

Check video below, the game is due in March.

[TGS 2011] Nintendo 3DS Conference Summary

Below the summary of Nintendo 3DS Conference from TGS 2011:

- Pink 3DS Coming Soon.
- Slide Pad Attachment For 3DS coming soon.
- Super Mario 3D Land will be released in Japan by November 3rd.
- Mario Kart 7 hit stores December 1st in Japan.
- Mario Tennis coming to 3DS.
- New RPG by Square-Enix title: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy coming to 3DS.
- Dynasty Warriors VS heading to 3DS in 2012.
- Kid Icarus: Uprising hit stores January 2012 in Japan.
- Monster Hunter Tri G will be released December 10th in Japan.
- Monster Hunter 4 also coming to 3DS.
- Fire Emblem Coming to 3DS in 2012
- The Legend of Zelda The Four Swords DSi Ware set for September in Japan
- Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Announced
- Shinrei Camera Announced, Release date TBA
- Culdcept Announced for 2012
- Soccer Simulation Culchopit Set for 2012
- 3DS Friend Collection Coming to Japan

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