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[TGS 2011] Frontier Gate Gameplay

A new gameplay of frontier gate online, take a look below. 


[TGS 2011] Gravity Daze and Ragnarok Odyssey Trailers

New trailers of PSVita's Gravity Rush(Daze) and Ragnarok Odyssey online now, check them below.



[TGS 2011] Army Corps of Hell, Lumines: Electronic Symphony's Features

New trailers released, Army Corps of Hell and Lumines: Electronic Symphony's Features videos.


PSVita Game Box Screenshot

Wondering how PSVita game box looks like? take a look below.

 PSVita Game Box Screenshot


[TGS 2011] Asphalt Injection, AR Combat Digi Q PSVita Trailers

More PSvita goodies. 


[TGS 2011] Lord of Apocalypse, Ys, Tales of Innocence R, Little King's Story Trailers

Latest PSVita videos from TGS 2011 included Lord of Apocalypse, Ys Celceta Sea of Trees, Tales of Innocence R, Little King's Story trailers.

 Looks nice.

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