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PSVita Demo

 Want to see what this beauty look like? well check the video below from techbang for a quick look at the PSVita handheld device.


Lord of Apocalypse, Touch My Katamari, Monkey Ball, Powerful Pro Baseball Trailers

Let's take a look at the latest trailer of Quare-Enix's Lord of Apocalypse, a quick trick shot from Namco Bandai's Touch My Katamari, the debut trailer of Sega's Monkey Ball and the opening cut scene of Konami's Powerful Pro Baseball 2011, All these are PSVita upcoming titles.


Extreme Escape Adventure Opening and 3DS Demos included Monster Hunter 3G

Chunsoft released the intro cut scene video of their PSVita and 3DS adventure game Extreme Escape Adventure, check it below, then the bin N released a new firmware for the 3ds too with 3d recording capabilty and if by any luck you have a japanese 3ds, then you can download some nice demos via the jap. eshop.


Lord of Apocalypse Boss Gameplay Video

Square-Enix released a new video showing some boss battle video of their upcoming PSvita and PSP title Lord of Apocalypse.


UNIT 13 Debut Trailer

A new debut trailer is released with the announcement of the upcoming PSVita shooter Unit 13, check below.

 No ETA yet.

PlayStation Vita Accessory, Wipeout 2048, Twitter and Gameplay Videos

PSVita is just weeks away from release in Japan, let's take a little closer look at some accessorry lineups,  Wipeout 2048 Zone Mode Gameplay, Twitter and some mixed gameplay.


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