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[TGS 2012] Mobile: Street Fighter X Tekken, Armello

Tokyo Game Show 2012 is not just about console titles, Capcom bringing Street Fighter X Tekken to mobile with optimized controls and exclusive features, then a new Australian indie game development team called the League of Geeks announced for tablets and mobiles Armello: a new card and board game set in a fairy tale animal kingdom known as Armello. 

Armello is set for 2013, check the debut trailer below.

Bastion Coming to iPad in Full HD Glory Tomorrow

Mobile gaming is catching up slowly and the latest console title heading to our beloved iPAD is the award winning title Bastion.

Bastion will be available tomorrow 30th August on the itunes store for iPad, iPad 2, New iPad in full HD glory, check the lenghty gameplay trailer above.

Light Painting with Multicoloured Penlight Coming to iPhone and iPad

An impressive painting tool and app coming to iPad and iPhone soon, the multicoloured penlight comes bundle with up to 27 colours, the ability to turn photos into videos, Twitter and Facebook integration and more.

The multicolored penlight app will be free but the device itself will be around US $30 (£20), check video above, what do you think?.

The Amazing Spider-Man Skills Gameplay Tease

The Amazing Spider-Man is just few days away and you can't blame them' publishers spoiling us with some more new trailers.

 The latest video showing off some new skills and more, the Amazing Spider-Man heading  to anything that can play game from iOS to Android and Xperia devices.

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises for iOS and Android Trailers

When it comes to mobile and quality great games, there's no bigger name than Gameloft, check the upcoming titles Amazing Spider-Man Prologue and The Dark Knight Rises Teaser trailers released for mobile devices.

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises for Mobile Trailers

Both trailers look amazing, check videos below and leave your impressions through the comment please.

Microsoft Join the Tablet Market With Surface

They said lots of meat doesn't spoil the sauce and having so much tablets to choose from can only be a good thing for us. Microsoft join the tablet market with a killer, good looking machine codenamed Surface(Microsoft Surface).

Microsoft Surface Tablet

"From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Surface.
Create, collaborate, and get stuff done with Office. Explore your world with fast, fluid Windows 8 apps. Discover new music, movies, and games in the Windows Store"

So far no price or availability revealed, Read more from the official site, check specs and reveal video below, what do you think.

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