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[TGS 2012] 3DS Trailers: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4

This is for our loyal Monster Hunter fans, we dug through Youtube to find for you the latest videos for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster hunter 4 coming directly from this year Tokyo Game Show.

 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is an Action Role-Playing game coming to 3DS in Europe and USA next year, Monster Hunter 4 due 2013 for 3DS in Japan, check some more videos below.

Kingdom Hearts 3D Gameplay

For a week now, you've been dabble around with Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance , let's take a look at some gameplay videos fetched from youtube.

Will you pass the Mark of Mastery exam set by King Mickey and Yen Sid and Become the True Keyblade Masters and save the kingdom?, check videos below.

New Super Marios Bros. 2 Gameplay

New gameplay videos of New Super Mario Bros. 2 released.

New Super Marios Bros. 2 Gameplay

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is an adventure game featuring Mario, Luigi and others from Mario game series and due to be released August 17 for Nintendo 3DS, check videos below.

Project X Zone Gameplay

Namco Bandai released a new gameplay video for the 3DS upcoming crossover title Project X Zone showing off characters, special moves and more.

Project X Zone 10-minute trailer

Project X Zone due this October in Japan, Check video below. 

Kingdom Hearts 3D: DDD. Dream Eaters Trailer

A new video for the most anticipated 3DS title Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance released.

This trailer showcases Dream Eaters who help you in battles and can be thought new attacks and abilities.
Kingdom Heart 3D coming to 3DSnext month.

Nintendo 3DS XL with Wider Screen, Longer Battery and Bigger Memory in Video

Following his usual multiple models of his handheld devices Nintendo announced a new 3DS model codenamed 3DS XL with a wider screen, longer lasting battery and 4GB memory but it comes without an AC adapter.

 Nintendo 3DS XL with Wider Screen, Longer Battery and Bigger Memory

3DS XL available July 28 in Japan in White, Red and Black, Silver and Black colours, nothing for EU. and US. yet, check video overview below.

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