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Light Painting with Multicoloured Penlight Coming to iPhone and iPad

An impressive painting tool and app coming to iPad and iPhone soon, the multicoloured penlight comes bundle with up to 27 colours, the ability to turn photos into videos, Twitter and Facebook integration and more.

The multicolored penlight app will be free but the device itself will be around US $30 (£20), check video above, what do you think?.

New Exclusive Android Kit Cobra Joyride

CES 2012 will kick off tomorrow but while waiting to see all the amazing stuff we are going to spend all our hard earnings on, enjoy a quick preview of this new soon to be indispensable car kit exclusively for Android devices named Cobra Joyride, let's hope price it's affordable .



Ragnarok Odyssey Opening Video

Check out the awesome psvita's Ragnarok Odyssey  opening video released by Gungho.


Rabbid Go Home Official Music Video

Ubisoft released Rabbids go Home official music video, check it out below. 

The Soundtrack is also available on itune and the game is already out on the Wii and DS .

Watch Everyday life Episodes on the Nintendo DS Every Friday

Watch Everyday life Episodes on the Nintendo DS

Everyday life is a new serie by nintendo watchable on the Nintendo DS where you follow Charlotte discovering many way to use her new surprise DS Lite gift from her boyfriend Steve!

There are five episodes which will be shown on the nintendo channel in upcoming weeks.

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