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[TGS 2011] Nintendo 3DS Conference Summary

Below the summary of Nintendo 3DS Conference from TGS 2011:

- Pink 3DS Coming Soon.
- Slide Pad Attachment For 3DS coming soon.
- Super Mario 3D Land will be released in Japan by November 3rd.
- Mario Kart 7 hit stores December 1st in Japan.
- Mario Tennis coming to 3DS.
- New RPG by Square-Enix title: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy coming to 3DS.
- Dynasty Warriors VS heading to 3DS in 2012.
- Kid Icarus: Uprising hit stores January 2012 in Japan.
- Monster Hunter Tri G will be released December 10th in Japan.
- Monster Hunter 4 also coming to 3DS.
- Fire Emblem Coming to 3DS in 2012
- The Legend of Zelda The Four Swords DSi Ware set for September in Japan
- Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Announced
- Shinrei Camera Announced, Release date TBA
- Culdcept Announced for 2012
- Soccer Simulation Culchopit Set for 2012
- 3DS Friend Collection Coming to Japan

No to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 3DS

Are you a COD fans? well don't expect a 3DS releases this November coming because there will be no Modern Warfare 3 for 3DS, well let's just say yet!.

Modern Warfare 3 is not coming to 3DS



Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Coming to Shop September 29

Check Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days trailer shown at the Nintendo Conference yesterday at E3 2009.

Also we get a date of released: September 29 .




Music Coming to DS This April

DS is not just for games anymore, from ebooks to language learning , it got it all but some was missing, and that is for us aspiring musicians to learn more and practise more whenever wherever .


With that in mind Nobilis will release Music in April coming to help you just learm about 21 lessons of real music via minigames and a virtual piano or drums to practise on.


Can't wait

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game Site Goes Live

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Game Site Goes Live


X-Men Origins: Wolverine Official game site is live now for fans .

Nothing big right now but you can still register, watch a teaser , few screenshots and news, what

can we ask more ?

Check the link below :

                                X-Men Origins: Wolverine Official game site


The game will hit DS,PSP,Wii,PS3,X360 May 2009 .



Tokyo Beat Down Due on DS March 10 2009

Atlus will release Tokyo Beat Down to DS in March 2009 , a game where coin-op beat down criminals with fist and if not enough then use firearms or anything around you, it's just plain violence as we like it over here.

Visit the official Tokyo Beat Down Site for more info.

To refresh your memory or give you a little taste of Tokyo Beat Down check this video




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