Gameplay Video

gameplay video

Extended PSVita Demo and Gameplay

Below we have for you two videos, the first is the extended Jap. PSVita gameplay demo and the second is a very well done trailer showing various way you can play on your PSVita.


Extreme Escape Adventure Opening and 3DS Demos included Monster Hunter 3G

Chunsoft released the intro cut scene video of their PSVita and 3DS adventure game Extreme Escape Adventure, check it below, then the bin N released a new firmware for the 3ds too with 3d recording capabilty and if by any luck you have a japanese 3ds, then you can download some nice demos via the jap. eshop.


Beyond the Labyrinth Gameplay Videos

Konami and Tri-Ace released some gameplay videos for their upcoming 3DS title Beyond the Labyrinth.


Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay

Let's take a look at Final Fantasy Type-0 gameplay through this nice playthrough of the Japanese version of the game, this is in Jap. but gameplay looks good.

No ETA for outside Japan yet.

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy Gameplay Trailer

Square-Enix updated the official Bravely Default: Flying Fairy website with a new video showing little bit of gameplay, check it out.

Dungeon, Augmented Reality, and Bar, Woohoo!

Dynasty Warriors Next PSVita Direct Feed Gameplay

One more Tgs 2011 PSVita video before the night gone, this time Dynasty Warriors Next, check it out.


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