Light Painting with Multicoloured Penlight Coming to iPhone and iPad

An impressive painting tool and app coming to iPad and iPhone soon, the multicoloured penlight comes bundle with up to 27 colours, the ability to turn photos into videos, Twitter and Facebook integration and more.

The multicolored penlight app will be free but the device itself will be around US $30 (£20), check video above, what do you think?.

Music Coming to DS This April

DS is not just for games anymore, from ebooks to language learning , it got it all but some was missing, and that is for us aspiring musicians to learn more and practise more whenever wherever .


With that in mind Nobilis will release Music in April coming to help you just learm about 21 lessons of real music via minigames and a virtual piano or drums to practise on.


Can't wait

Mind Your Language Series Coming To DS in Feb 2009

Mind Your Language: Learn Japanese Mind Your Language Screenshot


The educational series Mind Your Language which teach and help improved your language skills coming to DS in feb 2009, PlayV has announced.

Foreign languages include Spanish, French, German and Japanese 


I always like these educational games as it help you do things you actually want to do but never have the spare time for . You can Pre Order your copies

Mind Your Language: Learn Japanese

Mind your Language: Learn French 

Mind Your Language: Learn German



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