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PlayStation Vita firmware 2.0 Update Released

Sony released the latest 2.00 firmware update for Playstation Vita.

PlayStation Vita firmware 2.0 Update Released

The update comes with quite lot of improvements and new features such as:

Here are the official update notes:

  • PlayStation Plus support.
  • Email added to the home screen.
  • WiFi transfer between PS Vita system PS3 and PC.
  • Maps display weather information now.
  • Improve browser performance.
  • PS Vita system buttons can be used with more applications.
  • In [Settings], you can now set how you will be alerted depending on the notification type.
  • Turkish has been added as a system language.
  • Some extras features has been improved.

PSVita Demo

 Want to see what this beauty look like? well check the video below from techbang for a quick look at the PSVita handheld device.


[TGS 2011] Nintendo 3DS Conference Summary

Below the summary of Nintendo 3DS Conference from TGS 2011:

- Pink 3DS Coming Soon.
- Slide Pad Attachment For 3DS coming soon.
- Super Mario 3D Land will be released in Japan by November 3rd.
- Mario Kart 7 hit stores December 1st in Japan.
- Mario Tennis coming to 3DS.
- New RPG by Square-Enix title: Bravely Default: Flying Fairy coming to 3DS.
- Dynasty Warriors VS heading to 3DS in 2012.
- Kid Icarus: Uprising hit stores January 2012 in Japan.
- Monster Hunter Tri G will be released December 10th in Japan.
- Monster Hunter 4 also coming to 3DS.
- Fire Emblem Coming to 3DS in 2012
- The Legend of Zelda The Four Swords DSi Ware set for September in Japan
- Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Announced
- Shinrei Camera Announced, Release date TBA
- Culdcept Announced for 2012
- Soccer Simulation Culchopit Set for 2012
- 3DS Friend Collection Coming to Japan

Late Registration for Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme

Ok folks, if you still havn't got around to register for the ambassador programme and enjoy those 20 free games, don't lose hope.

Late Registration for Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme

Just visit the ambassador page and use the tool to submit a scan of your receipt and 3ds serial.

You can also check your serial to see if its already activated.

The easiest way? scan the receipt, then either scan or take a picture of your 3ds serial, use image editor and merge both, optimize and save to .jpg or .png and make sure the size is not more than 1mb.

3DS Hardware Price Dropped

No more excuses, now it's the perfect time to grab for yourself a Nintendo 3DS hardware at a cheap price of £155 from the giant amazon. The normal price was £229.




Right now better get it from Amazon at £155 as and Hmv still have the old price tag of £189.




Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Babbling

 Ok, here is the deal, In Japon and USA the big N (nintendo) announced by August 11 a 30% price drop on the 3DS hardware and 20 free games from the Virtual Console for the early buyers, nice huh?

Well, over here in Europe nothing been announced so far, read more here.

Nintendo 3DS will be priced at $ 169.99 in USA, $ 249.95 in Australia and 15,000 Yen in Japan.

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