Ragnarok Odyssey Opening Video

Check out the awesome psvita's Ragnarok Odyssey  opening video released by Gungho.


UNIT 13 Debut Trailer

A new debut trailer is released with the announcement of the upcoming PSVita shooter Unit 13, check below.

 No ETA yet.

Shinobi Launch Trailer

Shinobi is here and to wet your feet let's check the launch trailer by Sega.


Resident Evil Revelations Latest Trailer

Capcom released a new trailer of their upcoming title Resident Evil Revelations for nintendo 3DS, check below.


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Various Gameplay

A new gameplay of Square-Enix 3DS Theatrhythm Final Fantasy released, check it out.

Looks fun and unique.


Cave Story 3D Trailer

 NiS released a new trailer of the upcoming side scrolling title Cave Story 3D for 3DS, check below.


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