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E3 2010 Kirby's Epic Yarn Trailer

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Dementium II Official Teaser Website Goes Live

 Dementium II Teaser Website Goes Live

Dementium II "Horror Action and Adventure game, developed by Renegade Kid and published by SouthPeak Games" official teaser website goes live, nothing there yet though, just a countdown.

Check it out below, but before, read the warning from Rob Burman EU. PR Manager of Soutpeak Games:


We decided to launch the teaser site first because, to be honest, the full website is too disturbing for most people. An old lady accidentally glanced at the finished product last week and nearly fainted... so we didn't want to take that risk.

Rabbid Go Home Official Music Video

Ubisoft released Rabbids go Home official music video, check it out below. 

The Soundtrack is also available on itune and the game is already out on the Wii and DS .

Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings Teaser

You know we don't like too much trailers without gameplay , but this one looks cool.

The game is coming to ds soon


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