100 Classic Book Collection Review

            100 classic book collection review


100 Classic Book Collection is really something you will like as it give you way to read some cool classics books everywhere, anywhere, and most of all get the kid to read more while feeling like playing game.


We used graphics for review because we thought like this , you get the idea how the real thing looks like.




When you start the game you have to set the orientation, where you want the touch screen to be , either right or left. 100 Classic Book Collection


The main menu is nicely design and simple.From setting you can assign background music and add next previous page to L or R or use the control pad back or forward for previous and next page.Also you can change font from small or large 100 Classic Book Collection



Choosing the wireless give you the option to send a trial version to another ds through your local wireless or connect to NWC to download new books. 100 Classic Book Collection


You can choose the book you want to read or you can answer few questions under Quiz and you get advised on few books to read, or you can choose a book by rankings.


Clever feature i would say

100 Classic Book Collection


You can choose any book from the shelve to read.


100 Classic Book Collection


From the cover you can read about the author, the book, search for a specific book and dive into the actual reading 100 Classic Book Collection


Chapters listing is nice and easy to access. 100 Classic Book Collection


And there is bookmark , which is nice 100 Classic Book Collection


verdict 95


Overall we think this is one solid game to hold if you have a ds , you don't just got a bargain of 100 classic books in your hand but also a solid learning , education material for the younger age, although we think there should be more font size to choose from  and maybe add next time voice feature.


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